Cake bites (take two)


I was far too stressed out to take photos of the first batch of decorated cake bites, but I think I made up for it with the second batch. I also learned several important lessons:

1. Cake bites and stress don’t mix. If you’re getting stressed, step away from the cake.

2. Milk chocolate is much easier to work with than white chocolate. Who knew?

3. Don’t stick the just-coated cake bites in the sprinkles. Let the chocolate set a bit before adding decorations.

I left the undecorated cake bites in the freezer for a few days to make sure they were hard enough to coat easily. I only took about 6 bites out of the freezer at once, otherwise they start to thaw and they’re really hard to coat.

For the coating, I melted chocolate in a bowl stuck in a sieve over a pan of boiling water. Mmm, melting chocolate…

Melted choc

I forgot to mention that I also got all the sprinkles ready in cupcake cases, a trick I learned at the cake pops course. This is where you can let your imagination run away with you. Cupcake Style is a great online resource for cake decorations, but I got most of these at the local supermarket.

When the chocolate has completely melted, I used a spoon to scrape it down into one half of the bowl, then dipped and swirled each cake bite in it until completely coated. I let the excess chocolate drip off then stuck it in a colander to set before dipping it in the sprinkles. The colander is an improvisation, I couldn’t find anything else to use but it actually works quite well! I hear polystyrene works too.

I’m quite pleased with the results and I hope the recipients will be too!

Cake bites dec 2


About Ellie Thouret

I'm an obsessive knitter based in the UK's North West. Passionate about good food, crafts, home decor and my family.
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