Baba style

[aviatrix hat]

It’s really flipping hard to find nice clothes for baby boys. This seems very unfair and sexist: just because I have a son doesn’t mean I want dress him in boring white or light blue sleepsuits all the time – and let’s face it, with an average of three outfit changes each day, I need to have a little fun with his clothes.

[dinosaur sleepsuit from baby gap]

I’ve never been one for gender stereotyping, and I like robots and dinosaurs as much as the next geek, so these motifs are perfect for our baba. I would love it if he turns out to be a palaeontologist or robot engineer.

[robot sleepsuit from baby gap]

I am lucky enough to both knit and have lovely friends who knit beautiful items for baba. Although I haven’t got much knitting done in the last 2 months, I did a fair amount of baba-knitting while pregnant…but now that baba is not-so-little, he has outgrown much of it before even a first wear!

[demne cardi]

 Recently I’ve been lusting after baby clothes by European brands – DPPAM, Vertbaudet and Bobo Choses as well as the beautifully-designed outfits from Nordic Mart. Baba’s night feedings also offer prime Etsy-scouring time and I constantly marvel at the creativity on display.

[sweet norwegian baby cap]

I’ve also been scouring each and every TK Maxx I come across, for unique ‘designer’ pieces at a fraction of the original cost. My favourite find so far is a romper and blanket set with pirate illustrations and phrases. Alas, baba has yet to wear this clean long enough for me to capture a photo.

[milo vest by jane]

When all else fails, I stick on a onesie, socks and hat – like so. Job done!


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I'm an obsessive knitter based in the UK's North West. Passionate about good food, crafts, home decor and my family.
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