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Shh, don’t tell anyone – I’m having a fling. Don’t worry, it’s nothing scandalous – I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time with my sewing machine.

As I wrote a couple of years ago, I acquired a refurbished Brother sewing machine but in the past 12-18 months it hasn’t been getting much love. That’s all changed recently though and I’ve been stitching up a storm over the last few days!

I’m not sure what reignited my desire to sew – probably Pinterest! There are so many excellent and free tutorials to find there, especially for children’s clothes. It’s also where I found this easy-to-follow tutorial on tapering trousers, which inspired me to alter some Uniqlo red jeans that were too big.

Then I got brave and decided to sew some gifts. I went searching for ideas for perfect dresses for two little girls, but I couldn’t find anything that was just right. I had this gorgeous plaid fabric in mind for one dress, and some striped cotton for the other, and I found elements of what I was looking for, but not the perfect dresses I was after. So I made them up – now I wish I’d noted down the method, but maybe I’ll replicate them and write my own tutorial!

I’m planning to make some clothes for Lucas (and for myself!) – my Pinterest boards are a to-do wishlist and I don’t know where to start. Perhaps with a paper-bag skirt, or a 90-minute shirt? I think I’ll wait until I draw the perfect fabric out of my stash, and give the ideas time to take form… watch this space to see what happens!


About Ellie Thouret

I'm an obsessive knitter based in the UK's North West. Passionate about good food, crafts, home decor and my family.
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