Garden makeover



This is what our garden looked like last summer. Not too bad, but very overgrown and not really what we wanted. We had lots of plans, but pressing concerns in the house made us put the garden on the back burner, just giving it a prune and tidy.

We’ve now been in the house for 7 months and we’re finally getting a grip on the garden. During the last couple of weeks we have got rid of most of the ivy on the back wall, weeded almost EVERYWHERE, cut the grass, and got rid of some bushes via Freegle.


Today I have turned over what will now be our veg patch and sown some peas and carrots, to add to the flowers I sowed yesterday. Guy has removed the crazy ivy branches with a saw, and that patch is looking a lot tidier (if a bit empty).


Some beautiful daffodils have popped up in this bed, perhaps due to the mild weather we’ve been having. I think I’d like to add some wildflowers to this bed.


I pruned the possible bay tree/bush right back at the weekend, and I think we’ll have a herb garden here. I’ve just planted basil, parsley and coriander in pots in the kitchen and I’ll move them outside when they’re mature enough. We’d also like thyme, mint and rosemary.

Next steps: I am planning to get some honeysuckle in memory of my mum, plant strawberries in some hanging baskets, and possibly add some more root veg later in the season…starting out easy, I hope!


About Ellie Thouret

I'm an obsessive knitter based in the UK's North West. Passionate about good food, crafts, home decor and my family.
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2 Responses to Garden makeover

  1. Mark C says:

    She & I were very fond of nicotiana (night-scented stock), too. And since it does what it says in the English name – only has an odour at night – you get an extra dimension to your garden!


  2. Our garden is full of old (not just mature… more like ancient) bushes, a couple of fruit trees and a lot of weeds, but on what obviously used to be the vege patch we now have a mint patch, last summer it was pretty much 4 square metres of mint….wonderful smell.

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