twenty nine weeks


As I type this post, I am twenty nine weeks and three days pregnant. This week I’m feeling more positive about the pregnancy, thanks in part to great news at a growth scan last week. The babies are growing really well and measure just what a singleton baby would at this stage in pregnancy. I hope they keep up the progress; it definitely makes me feel better about them potentially coming early if they are going to be good weights!

I’m still getting tired all the time, and I think it’s getting worse as I get heavier and the babies get bigger. I’m still slightly anaemic but I’ve been takingĀ Spatone and Floradix, which have really helped to get my iron levels up. Hopefully I might avoid having IV infusions of iron, although I’m not averse to it if it will help me and the babies to get through birth and afterwards more smoothly.

We’re still planning to have the babies at home unless there is a reason to do otherwise. We have had excellent, personalised care from from One to One Midwives and our named midwife will support our informed choice to birth at home, if we reach 37 weeks of gestation (fingers crossed!). Before that, it would be safest to give birth in hospital, so that the babies can receive immediate support from the neonatal unit if they need to. For example, their organs may be underdeveloped and they may need help breathing or regulating their temperatures at first.

Right now, I am trying to grab as much rest as I can – it’s not easy when looking after an energetic toddler, who has inconveniently stopped napping! I’m celebrating each passing week as we get closer to our goal of 37 weeks, and looking forward to the start of October, when we’ll be attending hypnobirthing classes (provided free-of-charge by our midwives).


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I'm an obsessive knitter based in the UK's North West. Passionate about good food, crafts, home decor and my family.
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  1. sammiestwins says:

    Aw what a lovely Bump I remember my twin Bump glad they are healthy and well and yes can be very tiring as time goes on lots of rest him xx

    #follow for a follow

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