twelve days


You are reaching milestones already: Aurora is unfurling, and Jake has outgrown ‘tiny baby’ size clothes. Your favourite place is on my chest, squashed together, and I love having you lie there, making your snuffly noises.

You are alert for around ten minutes at a time now, although it obviously takes up your energy as you sleep soundly afterwards. You seem to enjoy watching us, especially your older brother. I can’t wait to watch you three grow up together.

You have started making expressions of recognition when you see or hear us three. I’m looking forward to your first smiles – your dad thinks he saw Jake’s today, but he said it could have been wind.

Most of all, I love watching you, little Bandits. Your every gesture and expression captivates me; I could lose hours marvelling at you. I am so glad you are here.


About Ellie Thouret

I'm an obsessive knitter based in the UK's North West. Passionate about good food, crafts, home decor and my family.
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2 Responses to twelve days

  1. can’t wait to meet these little people in person and to observe the interplay with their big brother!i hope you are resting when you can-I recommend a mars bar mid afternoon-worked for me when I was breastfeedingxx

  2. just a thought wanderingsatthecoast is wanda-wandering at Tynemouth!

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