our newborn shoot with nurtured with love


Neither Guy nor I are huge fans of posed photography, but one of my regrets with Lucas is that we didn’t get any studio newborn shots. So when my friend Stacey, one half of Nurtured With Love Photography, offered us a twin shoot as a baby gift, I jumped at the chance. I wanted to write about our experience because I didn’t know what to expect before our shoot, and would have found a write-up useful!

Before the shoot, Stacey and I exchanged messages and phone calls to chat through ideas and preferences. We talked about colours, props, poses and she really took the time to understand what we like and don’t like. It definitely helped that Stacey knows me, as she had guessed what my colour preferences would be – and that we preferred more natural-looking poses! I really appreciated Stacey’s suggestions of how we could include Lucas in the shots as well – it was really important to us that he felt included in the session.

On the day, we had a minor mishap when we turned up at the wrong house -entirely my fault, although like Stacey they had a front room full of toys and a cat! Luckily, it was only just around the corner from Stacey’s home-based studio and gave us all a laugh when we finally arrived. We met Louise, Stacey’s business partner, who had come to help out since there would be two babies to pose, as well as Lucas to entertain. Stacey and Louise were both super-friendly and warm and instantly made us feel at home. Lucas immediately clocked the bowl of sweets they’d left out and that kept him entertained for a good while.

Stacey talked us through the shots they planned to try, explaining that the session would be flexible, and if we needed to pause to feed the babies or calm them, that was absolutely fine. Stacey has twins and a preschooler herself, so she was understanding about what’s involved in juggling three children! The studio was lovely and warm, so the babies would be comfortable, and it was full of beautiful blankets, rugs, hats, fabric, and other props.

Jake and Aurora were really relaxed during the session, so their solo and twin poses were fairly straightforward. When it came to the sibling shots, I was a bit nervous because Lucas hadn’t yet adjusted to having tiny babies around. Louise suggested that Guy stand right outside the shot just in case Lucas decided he’d had enough – as it happens, he was fantastic.

The rest of the shoot passed quickly, and we really enjoyed the session. Stacey and Louise were professional but so friendly, and worked really well together. The images we’ve seen so far have been amazing, and we are really excited to receive the final versions. I’m so glad we did the session, as it’s especially lovely to have beautiful shots of all three of our children together.


About Ellie Thouret

I'm an obsessive knitter based in the UK's North West. Passionate about good food, crafts, home decor and my family.
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