play challenge #4: play-doh


Play-Doh: it’s a staple in any preschooler’s toy collection. We’re pros at making dinosaurs from it, but I loved seeing how much Lucas enjoyed playing with various tools at Bizzy Kids so I was thrilled to pick up a bunch of cutters, rollers and shapes on a local Facebook selling group.

I’m learning a lot through our 2015 play challenge, and the most important thing I’ve picked up so far is that Lucas really responds to free play, rather than guided activities. This might have come from playschool, where the first hour of the session is completely free play, and they have some fantastic play setups! In fact, I must copy some of their ideas…


Anyway, I decided that we would have unrestricted Play-Doh fun while one of his friends was here for a play date. We got out ALL the colours (I put aside my twitchiness at the colour-mixing…) and ALL the tools, and I let him go to town. He preferred me to roll out the ‘dough’ – I’m starting to see that he quickly becomes frustrated if he finds something difficult. He liked cutting out various shapes as well.

As is frequently becoming the case, Lucas wanted to incorporate his trucks, trains and diggers into the activity. My first instinct was to say no, but I realised there wasn’t really any reason not to let him use them, so I said yes. I’m trying to say yes as much as possible; it really is a freeing thing to do! Lucas and his friend enjoyed breaking the Play-Doh into ‘pebbles’ for the diggers to scoop into the dump trucks. He also liked ‘driving’ the vehicles through the flattened Play-Doh and looking at the tracks.

P1040330We all had fun with this challenge and it’s given me some ideas for new ways to play with Play-Doh – making bricks and rocks for a ‘construction site’, and exploring tracks further with different types and sizes of vehicles. Stay tuned for posts about those activities!



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  1. Great pics. Thanks for reminding me to dig out ours!

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