review: hawaiian tropic silk hydration


I am a BzzAgent (though I haven’t had many campaigns recently) and I am currently trying out the new Silk Hydration range from Hawaiian Tropic. I was sent a box of goodies to try out and review.

Firstly: how fun is this packaging from BzzAgent? Sidenote: wish I had some bumblebee washi tape…

Anyway, onto the products. Inside the box was a bottle of both Silk Hydration Protective Sun Lotion (SPF 15) and Silk Hydration After Sun Hydrating Lotion. The sun lotion is probably OK for my ghostlike complexion in the winter, but in summer I would definitely use something stronger (usually SPF30-50).

The packaging doesn’t appeal to me too much – it’s a bit too pastel – but I do like that it’s not clinical-looking like a lot of suncream ranges. What I really do like about these products is the smell – oh my goodness, it is heavenly. It smells like pineapples and coconuts, actually good enough to eat. It’s the perfect scent to evoke the ‘tropic’ of the brand’s name.



The Sun Lotion went onto my skin really easy and did indeed feel silky. The After Sun Lotion smells and feels very like the Sun Lotion, but slightly thicker. Both lotions were absorbed quickly and easily and didn’t feel greasy at all, which I really liked. They left my skin feeling soft, like a good moisturiser rather than a suncream.

I would be more likely to use the Sun Protection Lotion as skin cream rather than for sun protection, but if it offers some SPF protection for me in winter then that would be a bonus! I rarely use after sun cream, as I have never, ever had a tan, but I think this would be nice for sunkissed skin. If I was sunburned, which is often the case on holiday, I think I would choose a pure after sun lotion.

Overall, I liked these products, mostly due to their smell! I couldn’t stop sniffing my arm after I’d put the lotions on!

This is what the brand says about the range:

“For over 40 years, Hawaiian Tropic has been caring for sun-kissed skin all over the world. Inspired by the moisturising oils used by native Hawaiians, Hawaiian Tropic combines exotic botanical ingredients across a range of products specifically designed to make your skin look, feel and smell delicious. With Silk Hydration, they’ve taken their dedication to indulgent skin protection even further; adding moisturising ribbons (that hydrate skin for a whopping 12 hours!) to help stop your skin drying out and keep it glowing beautifully with a scent that will whisk you away to another land. So if you’re ditching the cold weather for somewhere a little warmer, your skin can stay protected and moisturised whilst looking and feeling fantastic!”


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I'm an obsessive knitter based in the UK's North West. Passionate about good food, crafts, home decor and my family.
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