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what my mother taught me about body image

I am eight years old, standing with my mother in a Tunisian hammam. It is a female-only session and all around me are naked women of all ages, shapes and sizes. I see a small, grey-haired Tunisian women, her breasts … Continue reading

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hidden vegetable flapjacks

My eldest steadfastly refuses to eat most fresh fruit and vegetables. He will eat apple, pear (if he thinks it’s apple), peas and sweetcorn. He loves dried fruit but we’re always looking for ways to sneak more fruit and veg … Continue reading

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review: pink nova cloudless birds of paradise

The kind folk at Pink Nova recently offered me the opportunity to test and review one of their new woven wraps. The lovely ‘Cloudless Birds of Paradise’ is 75% Egyptian Cotton and 25% Mulberry Silk, with a density of 240 … Continue reading

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what keeps me running

When I first started the Couch to 5K, I thought I must be doing something wrong. I hated it, absolutely abhorred it, felt rageful towards the automated voice telling me when to run and when to walk (smug cow). I … Continue reading

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should birth choices be a fight?

I was about to leave the hospital with my four-day-old twins. We’d been admitted the morning after their birth because Jake had difficulty breathing. Luckily, all was fine but we had spent a stressful few days on the ward when … Continue reading

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what nobody tells you about having twins

Last week, I went round to visit a friend who has recently had twins. “I’ve been wanting to ask you,” she said almost immediately. “What do you do when they are both crying at the same time?” It’s a question … Continue reading

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what we did: holidays

1. View from the seafront in Tenby. 2. Crab sandwiches and ice cream at The Stowaway Coffee Co. 3. Trying to lift a skeleton at The Dinosaur Park. 4. Showing Lucas how to beachcomb in Solva. 5. Giving tired legs a rest … Continue reading

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