review: pink nova cloudless birds of paradise

The kind folk at Pink Nova recently offered me the opportunity to test and review one of their new woven wraps. The lovely ‘Cloudless Birds of Paradise’ is 75% Egyptian Cotton and 25% Mulberry Silk, with a density of 240 gr/m2.


Absolutely beautiful, really feels like you’re receive something special and luxurious. The attention to detail was lovely and I really appreciated the personal note. The wrap came in a very nice bag, and if this is what’s planned for the release then I’m sure customers will love that touch.

First impressions
I have to admit, I wrinkled my nose a bit upon feeling the wrap. The ‘wrong’ side (cotton) is super duper soft and fluffy. The ‘right’ side however was still pretty rough (I’m the second tester) and felt like quite a dense weave. The wrap is quite wide, which I like.

I love love love the pale blue and it has received many compliments during its time with us. I really like the subtle, spaced-out design. I think it’s really nice for spring/summer, but would actually look fab against snow as well!


I first tried a FWCC with one of my 5-month-old twins. It was quite easy to wrap with, and did not budge once tied. New wrappers may find the width and weight intimidating as it can feel like there’s lots of heavy material. I’ve been reaching for super soft wraps for my smallest slingees as I like the feel against their delicate skin.

Where I feel this wrap comes into its own is for back carries. I popped my smallest boy up in a quick and messy ruck to chill him out during a crying jag. I was immediately very impressed. It was a sloppy wrap job but the wrap held firmly in place. It was not hugely cushy on my shoulders, but it was also not uncomfortable.


I wondered if this was a fluke, so over the weekend I popped my biggest boy up, also in a ruck. He is 3 this week and averagely sized, no idea what he weighs! I found it really easy to wrap him and get a decent ruck. Again, the wrap didn’t budge – we even did some jiggles down the street to test it! It was really comfy to carry him. I wouldn’t say he felt weightless, but he felt very well supported. He also said he was very comfortable!

So, the humble ruck has changed my opinion of this wrap. It has a fair way to go to be broken in and I think it’s a shame I won’t see it at the point, because I think it will be lovely.

You will like this wrap if: you are a fan of Natibaby wovens or Baie Slings snug weave, your child is a big or heavy kid, you like blankety wide wraps.

It’s not for you if: you have a very young baby, you like narrow thin wraps, you don’t want to spend time breaking it in.


About Ellie Thouret

I'm an obsessive knitter based in the UK's North West. Passionate about good food, crafts, home decor and my family.
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