review: bluestone national park resort


Earlier this year I was invited to become a Bluestone Blogger, which involved reviewing a midweek break at the Bluestone National Park Resort. The twins were about 3 months old at the time and I jumped at the chance to have the stay to look forward to, and hopefully enjoy some quality family time, our first since Christmas!

As the weeks and months passed, I began to worry about going – it would be the longest drive we’d embarked upon with all three children, it would be an unfamiliar location, we’d be very far from home…I wondered if I had made a big mistake in optimistically booking the free-of-charge stay. I came very close to cancelling the whole thing as it became too much to think about, but luckily my other half talked me out of it.

Staying at Bluestone made me feel about as relaxed as I can get with three small children. From our arrival at the park, to the comfortable lodge, and the on-site amenities, it’s clear everything has been well thought-out to provide guests with the best possible experience.

Both my husband and I were struck by how well Bluestone caters for families with young children – ours are all under three and there was so much for them to do.  Just walking around the resort becomes an adventure: discovering hidden paths, the snake tunnel, and the treehouse play area absolutely delighted our eldest. The babies tend to get towed around in the wake of their Tasmanian-devil brother, but they really enjoyed the circus-themed soft play, which is perfect for babies and young toddlers.

The standout highlight of our stay was the character dinner on our last night. Lucas was enthralled by the fairies’ storytelling and we were impressed as well. The actors threw themselves into the roles and made it truly magical for the children, who barely stopped to eat! Lucas is still talking about having “dinner with the fairies” and I think it’s a memory he will treasure for a long time.

What we loved: leaving our car at the gate and walking everywhere, exploring Pembrokeshire, the comfort of our lodge, the tots’ area in the water park, croissants and pain au chocolat from the lodge, local beer from the convenience store.

What we didn’t love: hills! Hills everywhere – prepare yourselves by training your calves beforehand, or save up for a golf buggy. On-site food: there was a good choice of food outlets but the couple we tried weren’t great. The quality was similar to that of mass catering and we expected something a little better for the price.

Thank you to the Bluestone Marketing Team for facilitating our stay.


About Ellie Thouret

I'm an obsessive knitter based in the UK's North West. Passionate about good food, crafts, home decor and my family.
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