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i’m being a corn

She is in constant movement, her body involuntarily marking a song’s beat whenever she hears music. She jumps down from the sofa, pushes her toys to one side and dances, getting lost in the connection between what she hears and … Continue reading

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he doesn’t know what a cow is

We are in the car on the way to visit some friends back in the UK for Christmas. Guy drives, I knit, our three children sit in the back and make observations about the outside world. It has snowed, and … Continue reading

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a family in the waiting room

I’m sitting in a reception area at this huge hospital in. Manchester. My foot taps uncontrollably and I’m taking deep breaths every few minutes. I’m waiting to see a genetic counsellor for a review. I last saw her five years … Continue reading

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one of those days

We all have those days. This is what I tell myself when I have one of those days. ‘Those days’, when everything seems to be doomed from the start. When you agree to do stuff against your better judgement (which … Continue reading

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mothering without my mother

My mum died of breast cancer when I was 10 years old. Losing a parent so young is the antithesis of the gift that keeps on giving. Every special occasion, every achievement, every milestone in my life is a reminder … Continue reading

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