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the new normal

   How long did it take you to get back to normal after having your baby? It’s a question I hear frequently from brand-new parents, often with a hint of desperation. I’m not sure how to tell them that, nearly … Continue reading

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adventures in twinwearing

When I found out I was going to have twins, one of the things I was most excited about was trying out slings with two babies. I learned a lot about tandem babywearing during my School of Babywearing peer support … Continue reading

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should birth choices be a fight?

I was about to leave the hospital with my four-day-old twins. We’d been admitted the morning after their birth because Jake had difficulty breathing. Luckily, all was fine but we had spent a stressful few days on the ward when … Continue reading

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what nobody tells you about having twins

Last week, I went round to visit a friend who has recently had twins. “I’ve been wanting to ask you,” she said almost immediately. “What do you do when they are both crying at the same time?” It’s a question … Continue reading

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what we did: holidays

1. View from the seafront in Tenby. 2. Crab sandwiches and ice cream at The Stowaway Coffee Co. 3. Trying to lift a skeleton at The Dinosaur Park. 4. Showing Lucas how to beachcomb in Solva. 5. Giving tired legs a rest … Continue reading

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what we did: bramhall park

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review: babsycola bundles

This week I was given the opportunity to review a box from Babsycola Bundles. Each monthly box contains a number of handmade items for mothers and babies, from a range of independent brands. Our box was supplied free-of-charge but the … Continue reading

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this is my happy {monday}

1. A happy boy, proud of his colouring. 2. My cutie-pie sleep thief finally snoozing. 3. New-to-me shoes. 4. Big bro/little sis cuddles – this girl adores her brother!

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These little faces make me happier than I ever thought I could be. And here’s the one that started it all:

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our newborn shoot with nurtured with love

  Neither Guy nor I are huge fans of posed photography, but one of my regrets with Lucas is that we didn’t get any studio newborn shots. So when my friend Stacey, one half of Nurtured With Love Photography, offered us … Continue reading

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